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Dr. Lisa Polvere

Welcome to our preschool.  My name is Dr. Lisa Polvere and since 2006, it has been my pleasure to have been the director here at Tadpole Village Preschool.  I have a very diverse background and truly enjoy working with children.

I hold a bachelors degree in audiology and speech pathology.  Immediately following undergrad, I pursued a career in a health field, and I received my doctorate degree.  After working for six years, I had my son and decided that I wanted nothing more than to work with children.  Thus, I began my career in teaching.  I taught Kindergarten while working as an assistant director at a private school.  Shortly after having my daughter, I began working at Tadpole Village Preschool.

First and foremost, my goal is to provide each and every student with a safe, warm, nurturing environment in which to engage in age appropriate, hands on interactive activities.  We will give each child experiences that stimulate their imagination and promote learning, while concentrating on developing their social and peer group skills.  These skills are necessary to help children succeed once they are in the challenging new environment outside the doors of Tadpole Village Preschool.  You can expect to find me in the classrooms daily getting to know all of our students.  If you have any questions or concerns I am always available at your convenience.  We look forward to another successful year!