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4 Year Old Curriculum

The four year old preschool program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates language arts, math, social studies, science and character development. These core learning areas are taught through teacher directed activities that incorporate art, music, movement and literacy awareness.

The language arts program is phonics based and incorporates letter sound awareness using puppets, big books, storybooks and fun learning activities. These stories stimulate discussions about character development. The language arts program offers songs and booklets to compliment the lessons.

The curriculum used in the math core area is Everyday Mathematics. This program covers geometric shapes, patterns, number recognition, numerical values, measurement, and beginning time telling skills. Manipulatives, games and both small and large group activities provide a well rounded approach to understanding math. Everyday Mathematics uses “hands on” techniques to encourage children to learn more mathematical content and become life-long and everyday mathematical thinkers.

Holidays and special events are celebrated through stories, art projects, music and movement activities. Learning and discussing the calendar and weather are daily exercises. Gym and playground activities are a part of each day to help strengthen then children's gross motor skills. The four year old preschool program provides an atmosphere for each child to develop their academic, social and emotional skills in a safe, loving, positive and stimulating environment.