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2 1/2
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Year Old's


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2 1/2 Year Old Curriculum

The program for our 2 ½ year olds is full of learning and fun. The children are introduced to their first school experience in a warm, caring and nurturing environment.

Socialization is an important part of preschool, especially for the children of this age group. We will spend part of our day engaged in free play which will allow students to explore their environment, learn about sharing, taking turns, cooperation, following rules, adjusting to new routines, and making friends.

Language development is a progression that needs to be fostered. To encourage this we will be reading stories, singing songs, and reciting finger plays and poems.

To encourage literacy development we will be taking part in read alouds and activities that will encourage children to make connections between the spoken and written word. The children will also be introduced to letters and their corresponding sounds. Although children are not expected to grasp the full understanding of such a concept, exposing children to letters in a fun way is always beneficial.

Math activities are part of our day as well. This includes the exploration of everyday objects to encourage the understanding of mathematical concepts such as rote counting, 1-1 correspondence, estimating, more or less, classifying and comparing, etc.

The children will also take part in organized art projects as well as explore a variety of art materials. Young children learn through hands on discovery. Keep in mind that the art process is just as important as the finished product. Our class will have a good balance between the two.

Lastly, children will participate in music and movement, and gym and playground activities which strengthen gross motor skills and allow the children to experience being a part of a group.