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Kindergarten Curriculum

The Kindergarten at Tadpole Village Preschool is a full day program which uses a hands-on approach that nurtures young minds and challenges inquisitive learners. The low student to teacher ratio affords differentiated instruction and an intimate rapport with each student. The children experience early successes and continue to grow and mature as learners.

The Language Arts program is literature based and explores such topics as family, transportation, community, animals and weather. The cross-curricular activities allow children to explore areas of study in small groups which enhance understanding of the program themes. Within the Language Arts program the students engage in handwriting practice and writing as they explore individual phonemes and their blending to create words. The tools used in the classroom help each child to become successful readers.

The children use the Everyday Math program which covers numeration, patterns, operations, geometry, measurement and more. This hands-on program uses daily routines that integrate mathematics so that children approach each new challenge from a firmly established foundation. The use of whole group and small group activities encourage children to learn more mathematical content and become life-long and everyday mathematical thinkers.

Tadpole Village’s Kindergarten is an academically well rounded program that also boasts the study of foreign language, music, computers and physical education. Students practice good work habits and appropriate social skills in a warm, safe environment which leads to a lifetime of educational successes.